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Water Splatter Dinosaur

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Grab your Discounted Water Splatter Dinosaur while the supplies last!


These super cute little dinosaurs are an incredibly squashy little toy! Great toy for sensory seekers, and a perfect toy for boys and girls with autism.

The texture can be very satisfying to touch and squeeze. Our daughters’ favourite surface, soft and rubbery, she loves sticky, stretchy toys, sticky playthings are a recipe for hours of fun

She likes to fiddle with the little feet and face and loves to squeeze the body and see the watery bubble pop up somewhere. A perfect silent fidget toy, it is small and light, perfect for the calm down bag, great for car trips, great to fiddle in bed before sleep.

We love our dinosaur squishy! Fidget with them for a sensory treat, and discover more ways to enjoy them along the way.

Assorted dinosaurs, squeeze them, or watch it splat on a surface. Heaps of fun and enjoyment for children (and adults!)

COOL PARTY FAVOR: Looking for a unique birthday party favors both boys and girls will love? These kids’ sticky toys are guaranteed to have the kiddos beaming. They blend into any party theme and easily fit into birthday party goody bags.

GREAT GIFT IDEA: These cool dinosaur stickies appeal to everyone from little kids, teens, to adults. They make a great contest, and carnival prizes can be used as classroom rewards, and are a fun gift idea for boys and girls to crown just about any occasion. Ideal for ages 3+