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water snakes toy
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Water Wiggler Snake Sensory Toy

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Water snakes are simple, silent, and calming fidgets. Feel the water inside the snake Poke your finger inside, feel calm. Let it slip out of your hand and into another hand. Something you can fidget with to keep the hands busy and the mind calm. 

We love this as the perfect sensory toy for autism, it's not sticky, and it doesn't have a bad smell.

I saw a child with autism at our local school, who was very upset. I searched my handbag for something I could find to help this child. Luckily, I had a water wriggler snake in there. I handed this child the snake, and instantly he was calm and focused. The parents were very grateful. 

Water Snakes are so much fun to squeeze and make the water push out. It produces a soothing water splashing sound as you play—great size for small hands great for fidget fun and stress release.

water snake

USES: These tubes are filled with water and slip out of your hands when you try to hold onto them. The challenge is to keep them in your hand for a split second. They move, slide, wiggle, and wriggle.

Stress Reliever Toy: Watersnake makes a great stress reliever because they’re a challenge to hold and fun to fidget. Challenge friends to see who can hold theirs the longest!

Perfect Gift: Kids love squeezing these and trying to hold onto them as they slip through their hands. So it can be a great gift idea for your kids: great fidget fun and stress releaser toy for any ages.


Water Wiggler Snake Sensory Toy Features:

Available in four different colours: Blue, Green, Yellow, and red.

Package: 1 item per pack.