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Visual Starter Kit
happy hubble routine cards
visual reward cards
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Visual Starter Kit

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Grab your Discounted Visual Starter Kit for Children With Autism while the supplies last!

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The visual starter kit is an excellent beginning to set yourself up with what you're going to need daily to help your child. Many people with autism and ADHD rely on visual cues, along with verbal cues. It seems to resonate more with them, and kids can achieve a more significant outcome.

I don't know how we would function without calling on our visuals regularly. Our kids feel safer with them; situations are more predictable, which means less anxiety.

- The visual reward system was created by myself to combat difficulties in transitioning, addiction to a screenplay, etc. Rewards can also assist with addiction to sweets. It's incredible how this has changed all our lives completely.

- The morning and afternoon routine card is also designed by us, based on a typical routine board, but this one is designed especially with our kids in mind. Complete with a set of custom made task cards, the routine card is perfect. Our morning and afternoons will never be the same!

happy hubble routine cards

- The lanyard is used to attach to the morning and afternoon routine.

- The happy/unhappy card helps to visualise self-regulation and also expected and unexpected behaviors.

- The timer is the best thing we ever got for our family! It's perfect to visualise time passing. This timer is silent. It's clean, compact, ready for long car trips, trips to the dentist, anywhere. We love it and never leave home without it.

Autism visuals starter kit; value over $136, selling for $99.95

visual starter kit
Visual Starter Kit Features:
- morning and afternoon routine card and task cards
- lanyard
- timer
- visual reward cards
- happy/unhappy card


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