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Sensory Start Up Kit

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Grab your Discounted Sensory Startup Kit With Fidget and Calming Toys For Kids With Autism while the supplies last!


Sensory Startup Kit With Fidget and Calming Toys For Kids With Autism

The sensory start-up kit is the most valuable collection that Happy Hubble has put together.


$229 Value for $189.95


The sensory kit evolved over years of struggling, knowing that something different is going on with your child, to finally getting a diagnosis that your child has autism.

I found there's a big hole in what is needed for us parents to help our kids.

Once we receive a diagnosis, we've already paid the diagnostic team and the final account to the paediatrician, and then what???

We receive paperwork and pamphlets, and suggested therapists we can go to, Centrelink forms to fill in, NDIS to navigate, and the list goes on.

While we're trying to find our way through all this paperwork, we still have the same beautiful child looking to us for help.

All these pieces of paper and pamphlets don't help you or your child, well not immediately, you need to channel through all this before you get supports and advice.

I knew something needed to change, surely there's a better way, I needed something practical, and physical. I understand that no two children are the same, so how do I create something to help the majority?

My sensory start-up kit is the first thing you'll need once you get a diagnosis, or even before.

It's a collection of our most popular sensory fidget and calming toys created by Happy Hubble, designed and produced in Western Australia.

Included is - "what to do now?" A short guideline is explaining the first few things that must happen after a diagnosis. This list would vary from place to place, as each state and country have their local supports and funding.

There are two things to consider, how this impacts "my child and me", and then there are all the practical things you need to do.

a morning and afternoon routine card, with a variety of 29 specially designed ( and cute ) task cards. The card has strips of velcro for the tasks to be attached in order of routine.

- a happy/unhappy card, this is great for the child to show how they're feeling, without using words. This card can also be handy in therapy and school, music lessons, etc. The teacher may use it to explain 'expected and unexpected behaviour'.

Our popular silent timer. This timer is entirely silent, until the beep to signal the end of the time segment. There's no distracting "ticking sound".

This timer gives a visual indication of time passing, and the green disk disappears as time passes. It provides a calmness of being aware of how much time we have left with an activity.

A pack of our 'visual reward cards.' 

These cards can reward the recipient for good behaviour, completing a task or rewarding self-regulation, or even if you need 10 minutes quiet time!

It gives the child a visual control of their reward, which is very important, they can control how and when they spend them, they can even save them up!

- Plus, a variety of fidget toys to distract your child while you sift through your new "to-do list." They all have their benefits individually.



The sensory start-up kit should give you a good head start until you get onto your feet. We will be with you along the way, if there's anything you have a query about, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Items In Pack
* visual reward cards
* silent timer
* Morning and afternoon routine with 29 task cards
* lanyard
* Pin Art
* dinosaur balloon ball
* mesh squishy ball
* puzzle stick
* dinosaur fossil
* mouse and cheese set
* pack of stretchy figures
* magic growing egg        
* happy/unhappy card
* pop ball
* sensory start-up kit information booklet

$229 value for $189.95

Sensory toys may vary.