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Sensory Heavy Chewing Necklace Bulk Sales
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Chewy necklace special needs
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Sensory Heavy Chewing Necklace Bulk Sales

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Grab your Discounted Sensory Heavy Chewy Necklace For Children With Autism while the supplies last!

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Children and adults who have Sensory Processing Disorder can often seek out oral stimulation. You may notice your child chewing on pencils, hair, fingers, clothing, and other objects if they are oral seeking. 

chewy necklace special needs

If your child is putting objects in their mouth that are unsafe and not sanitary, you may want to consider using some tools to help them. Often when children do this, they will stain their clothing or ruin objects in your home or at school. Are they reaching for any items to satisfy their overwhelming need to chew? 

These brightly coloured Chew Necklaces are suitable for Children to help with sensory needs associated with Autism, ADHD & Aspergers.  May help your child when anxious or nervous both at home and at school.

 Also ideal for Teething Babies and Toddlers Strictly under Adult Supervision.

* Note; The robots, butterfly, feather, and rainbow builder are NOT SUITABLE for heavy chewers as pieces may be chewed off and the product is then deemed unsafe. If this is for a heavy chewer, please use the teardrop, tube, hexagon, dinosaur, or tooth. 

Please use only under adult supervision and if the product is damaged, remove it immediately. 

Chewy Necklace For Children With Autism Features:

  1. COLOURS - Assorted
  2. 100% silicone Soft
  3. No BPA, phthalates, cadmium, lead, metals
  4. Easily cleaned with dish soap and water,
  5. Each Necklace Contains a Lanyard 
  6. Actual size: Please refer to the pictures as size differs with design.

  Not for use for children under 3 years (developmentally).