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Routine Card

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 Morning/afternoon routine Card

This routine card is vital in our house, our kids are never too far away from theirs.

Most children with autism or ADHD really need visual supports to accompany verbal cues.

I see the differences immediately when our kids are presented with a visual aide, they are way less stressed and can also become more independent with their routine cards.

They love to see what’s coming up next, this takes away their anxiety.

They can get overwhelmed thinking that there’s too much to do every morning and evening. So, when they see that it’s actually not too much, and can see what they’ve already done, it really does help.

This routine card has rows of the velcro, all ready for the well-designed task cards to be attached in the sequence of their routines. There are 2 rows for the tasks to be done and 2 rows for the tasks that are done.

The kids will love to move the tasks over to the “done” rows. It’s a nice feeling ripping off your jobs as you do them, it gives a sense of completion and you can see the task levels dropping as they get done. Our daughter loves to put her “done” tasks in a pretty box she designed!!

Our son will start to get upset and tired thinking he’s got too much to do before bed, he just wants to mess around and not finish his evening routine. I redirect his attention to his routine card, I tell him “look! You’ve finished 5 jobs, you’ve only got 3 to do, then you’re all done!”

This brings him back to what he needs to do, his anxiety levels go back down and he’s focused back onto his routine.

Our kids are far more independent than they used to be, of course, they are reward-driven, I offer a “timer money” if they do there routine independently and I offer another one if they do it quickly!!


Product description

The routine cards are made from polypropylene (2 mm thickness ) They are sturdy, waterproof, lightweight and bendable.
They measure 30 cm x 13.5 cm

The 29 task cards are also made from polypropylene, they are sturdy, waterproof and lightweight, measuring 2.5cm x 2.5cm in a square.
The task cards were designed collaborating with our OT, speech pathologist and graphic designer, every image has been carefully thought out.
I even sought help from the kids! Our 7 year old told me that the person on the bus should be in a red top! So, here it is, just for him.


Aren’t they just cute?

These are designed and produced in Western Australia.

Items Per Pack: 1 Routine Card and 29 task cards
Lanyard is not included