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Visual reward cards
Reward cards happy hubble
10 minute reward card
20 minute reward card
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20 minute timer cards

Reward Cards

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These cards can reward the recipient for good behaviour, completing a task, or rewarding self-regulation, or even if you just need 10 minutes of quiet time!

This gives them a visual control of their reward, which is very important, they can control how and when they spend them, they can even save them up!

Hubble Help
1. Talk to the recipient about the meaning of each card
2. There are many reasons to give reward cards. For example:
    a. As rewards for good behaviour
    b. As a reward for completing a job
    c. In preparation for a planned activity (e.g. going to a party) to help regulate              behaviour
    d. As a reward for self-regulating their behaviour
3. Recipient can give back one or more cards for the reward stated on it. The cards are cumulative (e.g. 10 minutes + 10 minutes activity time = 20 minutes total activity time)
4. Once the cards are used up, the recipient must finish the activity (e.g. no more iPad time, or no more sweet treats)

reward card 10 or 20 min

Timer money:
The card can be redeemed for the stated amount of activity time (e.g. 10 minutes). This can be any activity the recipient enjoys and has a hard time stopping. For example:
o Using iPads, watching TV, playing Wii or video games
o Playing at the playground, or with a particular toy (e.g. Lego)

Sugar token:
One card = one sweet treat (some treats are worth more than one sugar point e.g. big slice of chocolate cake with ganache = 3 sugar points)

No screens:
If the recipient refuses to stop the activity after their time is up, the “no screens” card is handed to them. This means that they cannot have any screen time at all the next day (e.g. iPad, TV, computer).

No sugar:
This is the same as “no screens”, but for sweet treats.

20 x Reward Cards - 12 timer monies, 6 sugar tokens, 1 no screen card, 1 no sugar card.