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Phantagrams Space Design

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Grab your Discounted Phantagrams Space Design while the supplies last! 

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Suspended in Space

For the space lover!! A perfect, silent, and beautiful toy.

The mysterious landscape of space makes a perfect holographic setting.
Experience a planet as distant as Saturn. See astronauts floating in space and the vehicles that brought them there.

Check out these retro Polaroid Phantagrams; these awesome Krypton Laser Hologram stickers were quality made in the USA in the 1990s with the package photos courtesy of NASA visually spectacular; if you move it, you see the 3D picture as if you're in space for real!

My son loves this; it fits into any bag for easy access and can be pulled out at any time to calm your child. A perfect image can redirect his attention away from other destructive thoughts. It's a winner here!