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Magic Snake Puzzle Stick 3 Pack

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Many parents struggle with kids fidgeting during the day. It's a common coping mechanism for kids with sensory or ADD/ADHD.

However, this bright, fun, and engaging toy mildly stimulates overactive children and helps them stay fully involved and sustain focus.

magic snake puzzle stick
The fantastic thing about this snake puzzle shape toy is how long it can keep a child's attention. They will spend hours creating and twisting different shapes, designs, and color patterns. Each snake ruler comes with 24 designed joints to shape into an endless variety of ways.

These toys can be used for child therapy or in any situation when you need to calm your child down and help them focus.

We're excited to inspire young minds with a collection of toys that encourages creative development and endless fun!

How to Make a Loch Ness Monster Shape

Visit Antoine Snake Puzzle Tutorials on YouTube and learn how to do all the different puzzles.

Magic Snake Puzzle Stick Features:

Product Name: Rubik's Cube

Product Model: WJ20190816005Z

Product Material: Plastic

Product Color: random red, green, and blue

Product Size:23cm*1cm*1cm

Product Package: 3 puzzles per OPP Bag

Age Range: >3 year