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Magic Puzzle Cube

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Can you solve the Puzzle Cube?
How long will it take you?
How many twists and turns will you need to make?
Find out NOW!! … Challenge yourself and impress your friends when you master the Puzzle Cube!

This classic puzzle will keep both children and adults entertained and challenged for hours on end while building up their concentration and problem solving skills.

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The Puzzle Cube helps with problem solving and enhances motor skills by encouraging the use of two hands together.

My personal advice: if you have an autistic child like our 6-year-old, don’t give him this at bed time. He is always looking for a fidget toy to take to bed. Normally they help him go to sleep, but this one didn't at all!  I gave a child, who needs to finish puzzles and solve problems, a puzzle that is almost unsolvable and told him to go to sleep. Never again. There was no sleep to be had that night. A simpler puzzle fidget toy like the puzzle stick is much better for bed time.


Items Per Pack:1

Colours Available: 1

Product size: 6 x 6 x 6 cm

Recommended age: 3 years +

WARNING: Choking hazard. Small parts.
Not for suitable children under 3 years.