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The basic skills development board
skills development board
kids animal chopstick
manual friction fan
Learn relearn skills kit
3 x stroodles
Led light switch
Zipper bracelet
Mouse and cheese set

Learn and Re-Learn Kit

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The Learn and re-learn kit will teach basic skills such as using a zipper, fastening a button, tying a shoelace, a buckle, and many more. We think mainly of 3-5-year-olds when it comes to basic skills.
Basic Skills Board Developmental

As a mother of 3 kids with autism, I soon learned about global development delay, lax ligaments, weak gross motor and fine motor skills, difficulty in motor planning, and so many more barriers facing so many people. Through working with our OT, I can see the tools needed to assist in developing these skills.

Basic Skills Board

💡 Another discovery I learned recently is that others will benefit from this “learning and re-learning kit. Those with Alzheimer’s, dementia, brain injury, or stroke survivor need to re-learn these essential skills. Keeping the hands busy and keeping the brain active is so important. 

The Learn and re-learn kit includes;

✅ The basic skills development board
✅ Animal chopstick stick
✅ Manual friction fan
✅ Zipper bracelet
✅ Mouse and cheese sent
✅ Led light switch
✅ 3 x stroodles

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