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Happy Not Happy Cards - Happy Hubble
Happy Not Happy Cards - Happy Hubble

Happy Not Happy Cards

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These happy/not happy cards can have a variety of uses,

They can be a tool to “check-in” on how we’re feeling. It can sometimes be not possible to “use our words”, so simply showing the “not happy” side can show that we may need a time out or need regulation. Showing the “happy side” we can show that we’re “all good”. Changing it to the unhappy side can show that we need to have a break or need some help regulating it.

Another way to use this card is to visualise “expected and unexpected behaviour”
A child is sitting, listening, learning, their teacher can keep the face to happy.
If the child starts to choose unexpected behaviour, the teacher can turn the card to unhappy.

I’ve used this at the dining table, if my kids are sitting on their bottoms, eating their dinner, the face will be on the happy side. If they start to get up and get distracted away from the table, then I change it to unhappy.

There are lots of scenarios you can use this in, our kid's music teacher uses them in her music lessons and finds them a vital tool. The child is sitting on their bottoms, and pressing the keys nicely, she keeps it on happy, if they start to bang the keyboard, then it goes straight to unhappy.


Items Per Pack: 1 Card printed red one side and green the other side