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Happy Hubble Bubble

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Grab your Discounted Sensory Body Sock while the supplies last! 

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Happy Hubble Bubbles Body Socks are ingenious and ideal for individuals with autism, sensory processing disorders, and anxiety. They are proving to be an excellent source for regulation in the home, school, or therapy clinic.

Once you get into one of these body sacks, you'll automatically feel the compression on your body, giving you a gentle "hug." You can stretch your arms and legs out, pushing against the resistance, helping you out with spacial awareness, and it offers terrific deep pressure input in the joints.

It also gives excellent vestibular input, which is balance and movement space.

Best ways to use a sensory body sock.

best way to use your body sack

Hubble Bubbles' sensory socks Australia are an excellent workout for the body, and it's so calming. I see my kids transforming in front of my eyes, so calm and so happy.

They don't see this as a tool, but just something that's lots and lots of fun!

  • BODY REGULATIONS: The body sock blanket provides a Deep Touch Pressure. It is perfect for children with autism or ADHD who crave physical touch but are unable to tolerate physical contact from others.
  • CALM AND SECURE FEEL: The body sack has gentle compression that helps consolidate your child's sensory input. It calms and settles the hyperactive responses of your child and helps in self-regulation.
  • EXTRA COMFORT: The soft material of our body sock is extra comfy; it is smooth and provides a feeling of being hugged that aids in sensory stimulation for children.
  • BEST USE: This premium quality, soft to touch body sack is best for nap time or to take with you on trips, or anytime when you need to calm your child.

Choose your size and climb in!!

Happy Hubble Bubbles Body Socks Features:

Items Per Pack:1

Colours Available: Green and Pink


extra small 62cm x 89cm for ages 3-4 approximately 

small 62cm x 115cm for ages 5-7 approximately 

medium 70cm x 137cm for ages 8-10 approximately