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Glow In The Dark Dinosaurs

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Grab your Discounted Glow In The Dark Dinosaurs while the supplies last!

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We love these, and it’s so comforting at night to look up at all the glowy stickers. It makes night time so much fun.

All our kids love Glow in the dark, everything!!! And who doesn’t love dinosaurs?

For all you dinosaur fanatics out there, now you can sleep with your favourite pre-historic friends looking over you. Go on a journey into your imagination and dream what it would be like to live amongst these fascinating creatures millions of years ago.

Your children will love going to bed, gazing up at all the glowing dinosaurs that surround them and the luminosity that they emit on the ceiling.

Stick these Glow in the Dark Dinosaurs to your walls, ceiling, doors, or any smooth, clean surface for a glowing galaxy in your room!

Glow In The Dark Dinosaurs Features: 

Each set contains nine different dinosaurs, including T Rex, Brontesauras and Pterodactyl, and much more.

Sticker dots for easy application

Easy to apply and remove. Get yours today!!

Product packing size: 14.5 x 19 x 1 cm
Packing: 1 set on 9 dinosaurs hang sell card in OPP bag/ 12 sets per plain box.

Recommended Ages: 3 years +