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Globbles Sticky Fidget Wall Ball - 4 Pack

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Happy Hubble Fidget Toys

Grab your Discounted Globbles Sticky Fidget Wall Ball while the supplies last!

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 Globbles come in 4 vibrant colours and are great for sticking, stacking, Squishing, slinging, and more. These Super squish toys are sticky and squeezy that never leave a sticky residue behind and remain tacky even after being washed. 

globbles fun toy

These sticky balls can be thrown on the wall, waiting for the ball to fall slowly, and then catch it. The silicone surface is easy to clean. After use, the body will absorb some dust, the viscosity will decrease, and the consistency will recover after washing with water.

Globbles fidget toys easily wash clean with soap and water, so you can take these portable fidget toys wherever you go!

globbles 4 pack

It is great for kids & adults to use them as stress balls for the office or tradeable toys for kids.

Perfect as a gift or for stocking stuffers, Easter baskets, or everyday gifting.

Safe and nontoxic: great for kids, age 4 & up.

Globbles Sticky Fidget Wall Ball Features:

Type: Sticky Wall Ball Decompression Toy

Material: environmental protection TPR

Size: about 7cm

Colours: Luminous transparent, luminous blue, luminous green, luminous orange

globbles 4 pack

Function: indoor activities decompression, adsorption, can be used as a sticky target ball. It can be self-adhesive on glass, wood, and other flat surfaces.

Packing Details:

Pack of 4 Sticky Wall Balls (Luminous transparent, luminous blue, luminous green, luminous orange)

Hubble Help :)

Don't throw the ball on the ceiling directly after you have just received it. It will stick to the roof, and it won't fall off. Play with your hand for a few minutes, then throw it if it is not so sticky. After playing for a long time, flush with water to restore the stickiness.