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Social Stories - Germs Are Not For Sharing

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Colourful and very informative

This book is designed to help children during this worldwide pandemic virus, it can be very worrying for all people, as we are faced with unforeseen circumstances. This book is very visual and comforting, with the regular reminders that "we might be worried, but we don't need to be". This also guides children with what we can do about it.

What to do or not do

There are so many practical steps this book will bring to their attention like any cough or cold, don't share your germs with anyone.

Don't Panic

This book focuses on what we can do, and most of all, no need to worry. Worried people cause more worry.

A Book To Help Kids Worried About The Virus:

  1. Great for kids of all ages
  2. The hard copy is in full colour and well constructed
  3. Read it with the kids and answer their questions

Alternative language options are available worldwide upon request. Let us know via the Contact Us page.