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Fidget Pad

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Grab your Discounted Fidget Pad Toy Stress Relief while the supplies last!

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 A fidget pad may help ease stress and increase concentration. Perfect for ADD, ADHD, Autism, or Anxiety. Ideal for students, office workers, and everyday fidgeters. Although may not be suitable in classrooms as they do make a clicking noise.

Our Fidget Pad has eight fidget relieving functions that can more than help fight your stress, anxiety, and bad habits.

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With a joy pad-like design, it is the perfect fidget toy for all ages. You can fidget with both hands simultaneously! You can Click, Roll, Massage, Shift, Breath, Flip, and Spin.

Fidget Pad includes a game type feel to our fidget toy, and we have retained and improved many functions that you might see on the Fidget Cube and made them much more fun.

Our gears, slips, switches, buttons, and rollers offer tactical feedback and resistance to provide maximum fidgeting.

Mini Controller Design for TWO hand fidgeting! This way, you can keep both your hands busy and satisfied—no more One hand fidgeting.

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Durable, Light Weight, Discrete, and Portable! Attach the Stress Pad to your keychain, lanyard, backpack, and take it anywhere! So you'll always have a Fidget Toy ready at your disposal.

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Fidget Pad Toy Stress Relief Features:

Perfect for all ages. We know that as soon as you whip out the Stress Pad, everyone around you will be asking for one!

Weight: 40g
Package: 1 controller inbox
Material: ABS
Product size: 73*36*26mm
Color: Black, Blue, Red, and yellow.