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Dinosaur Figures

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Grab your Discounted Dinosaur Toy Figures Australia while the supplies last!

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Dinosaurs are always a winner!! They encourage imaginative play and social play. I can leave my kids with a bundle of dinosaur figures, and before you know it, creativity has taken over, and we are living in a “dinosaur world.”

Our youngest likes to play by himself; he talks to all of them and can spend a long time in this world. Sometimes, if I “play by his rules,” he will let me in.

Our older kids play this together, bringing in other things to the game. We have a river made from blue paper and mountains made from cushions. Endless ideas!

dinosaur figurines australia

Our daughter made a “habitat” using our “super play sand” and our “funny lab slime” as land and water. She then placed animals into the set, giving it a real sense of life.

When the real world is chaos for our kids, it’s comforting to create a little pretend one. Most importantly, the kids are off screens!

Dinosaur toys are an excellent resource for kids with autism, modeling social skills, and imaginative play.

Dinosaur Toy Figures Australia Features:

All your favourite dinosaurs on a miniature scale and painted in vibrant colours, coming in 2 assorted sets, with six unique dinosaurs and a tree in each.

Total of 12 dinosaur figurines to collect.

Each dinosaur is approx. 5 - 6 x 4 cm
Product packing size: 12.5 x 18 cm

Recommended Ages: 3 years +

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts
Not suitable for children under three years