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Decorative BetaFitt™ Cloth Face Mask

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Grab your Discounted Decorative BetaFitt™ 3 Layered Cloth Face Mask while the supplies last!

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BetaFit cloth masks are now available with a choice of stunning rhinestones or foam shapes to create something that is your own. If you have to wear a mask, wear it with pride. Each mask comes with your choice of design and a fabric glue bottle—fun to make and fun to wear.

decorative mask


BetaFit Cloth Face masks are designed to protect and feel comfortable at the same time. This mask contains 3 layers of protection against solid particles, droplets, smoke and ideal for outdoor use. Reusable with proper care and washing for up to 30 times.

The design follows your face's contours for better comfort and air circulation.

washable & reusable pm2 5 face maskThe adjustable nose clip/nose wire and the elastic toggle ensure the mask fits firm around the nose even after multiple washes. These Masks are great for use outdoors, working out, sports, gym, and public settings.

BetaFitt™ cloth face masks have three layers and will still offer protection when used alone without the additional filters. 

Outer Layer: 120g 100% cotton
Inner Layer: 120g white 100% cotton
Middle Layer: 50g non-woven material

+ Comfortable
+ Environmentally friendly
+ Reusable
+ Machine Washable
+ Pocket for filter

Colours Available: Black, Navy, Charcoal - Colours may vary slightly.
Package Includes 1 Cloth Face Mask, decorative motif, cloth glue.

These products come from certified factories and are cleared by Australia Customs for re-sale in Australia.

Non-Medical and suitable for recreational use.