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Cushy Light Up Dinosaur

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Sensory Toys Australia

Grab your Discounted Cushy Frizzee Light Up Dinosaur while the supplies last!

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 This Cushy frizzee light up dinosaur is a super cute and incredibly squishy little guy! Great toy for sensory seekers and a perfect gift for autistic children.

The texture can be very satisfying to touch and squeeze, our daughters’ favourite texture, soft and rubbery, she likes to fiddle with the little feet and face.

A silent fidget, it is small and light, perfect for the calm down bag, great for car trips, great to fiddle in bed before sleep.

If you give it a whack, it will begin flashing a bright, colourful light, which is very satisfying. Especially fun at night time, when the lights can brighten up a room and turn it into a party!!

Admire these colourful and cute little dinosaurs as light up and flash when gently shaken or bounced. A perfect tactile toy that helps stimulates all the senses. They are perfect for touching and feeling with soft stretchable spikes covering their bodies. Excellent addition to any sensory play box. Great for developing focus and as a stress reliever.