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Cloud Putty

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Grab your Discounted Cloud Putty for kids while the supplies last!

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Reach out and touch the clouds!

Cloud Silly Putty has many unique qualities; it's airy, fluffy, and light. When stretched or torn, it has a silken web-like texture; when rolled or molded, it feels like a sticky dough. It can be used as a lump of clay and made into figures, scenarios, or whatever the imagination desires.

kid playing with cloud putty

The colors can be semi mixed for a marbling effect or mixed thoroughly to make new colours.

cloud putty six different colours

It never dries, making endless hours of play and creativity possible. It can be used as a focus aid and is an excellent stress reliever.

Cloud Putty Features

Six assorted pastel colours: Pink, Blue, Green, Yellow, Eggplant, and Orange
30 grams per tub

Product size: 9 x 3 cm
Packing: 30 grams in sealed plastic tub/12 tubs per display box

Recommended Ages: 3 years +

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts
Not suitable for children under 3 years