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Christmas Day Social Story - Happy Hubble
Christmas Day Social Story - Happy Hubble
Christmas Day Social Story - Happy Hubble

Christmas Day Social Story

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In the early days of our first autism diagnosis, our occupational therapist told me to make a social story, I said “ a what??” Then she explained what that was, basically a story about what is about to happen, so my child can prepare for the event coming up, it needed to be centered around them, as they are their own favorite subject.
My next thought was, how am I ever going to find the time for this???
Well, 2 more children diagnosed later, years of experience, and heaps of beautiful supportive people around me, here goes a social story you don’t need to make yourself!!!

I know how hard it is, I know how much we want to do everything for our children, and I am happy that I am now in the position to help people.

Christmas Day is a tough one, for kids and for parents.

This Christmas Day social story has been carefully put together collaborating with our incredible team, our occupational therapist, our speech pathologist, our graphic designer, the printing company, our kids, and myself.
This is a very talented team and I am grateful to all of them.
We’ve had many meetings, discussing images and wording, it had to be just right.

And here it is!

I'm very proud of these, they’re bright, they’re fun and very clearly written.

The kids will love looking at these over and over,

I wish you all a calm, and happy Christmas

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