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How to Claim with NDIS

You should be able to claim our products from your NDIS plan if you have either Assistive Technology support or Consumable support available, for the whole amount of the purchase price - however you should check with your Therapist / Plan Manager / Support Coordinator prior to purchasing.


How to claim our products with the NDIS

Our products should be claimable in all regions of Australia if your NDIS plan supports their purchase. Parents, therapists and carers can order from our website for particular items that they feel would benefit your child. There exist two main categories in your child's NDIS Plan which can include equipment items:

1. Core Supports: Consumables

2. Capital Supports: Assistive Technology


The purpose of the above is to ensure parents have access to items required to help children meet the NDIS goals in their plan. Most children with special needs may be entitled to an annual budget for low risk and low cost equipment as part of their NDIS funding plan which is included at the planning meeting stage. Our products on this website would be categorised under the above classifications.


What do I need to do?

We understand claiming through the NDIS may appear complex, so the following steps are a simple guide for you:

1. Make sure there is a budget for Core Supports: Consumables or Capital Supports: Assistive Technology in your child’s NDIS plan and the claim can be supported.

2. Check what management method you’re using to implement your NDIS plan:

   a) Self Managed - continue to Step 3

   b) NDIS or Plan Managed - let us know the list of products via the Contact Us page and we will respond to you on how to proceed.

3. Purchase as per normal on our website the items you need, make sure you type your correct email upon purchasing.

4. You would receive a receipt of payment in the form of a Tax Invoice via email.

5. Send this Tax Invoice to the NDIS, usually via your NDIS online portal under the ‘Make a Claim’ option. Choose the above categories as per your plan. If or when approved, NDIS would send you payment for the items.

6. Alternatively, if you prefer to claim funds prior to purchasing, let us know the list of products via the Contact Us page, and we will send you a Tax Invoice separately via email to you to claim. Send this to the NDIS via your online portal. Once you are reimbursed by the NDIS, transfer the funds to our BSB and Account and we can complete and send your order to you.

If at any stage of the process you encounter difficulties, don't hesitate to contact us via the Contact Us page. We're here to help.



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