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We are a young family who thought we had it all worked out. We would have cute babies who would grow into happy, easy going children. My husband and I would share the parenting while he built his business and I worked part time to have a life outside of children.

When they were old enough for school, I planned to work more and we would provide them with all the love and support a young family can.

We did have cute babies – three of them, two boys and a girl. And they have grown into happy children. But it wasn't easy going.

All three of our children were diagnosed with autism.

We love them to bits and we support them as best we can, but this support comes with so many challenges. They’re not easy, they need so much help and many strategies to get them through the simplest everyday tasks. Getting dressed or undressed may cause one to scream. One will only eat very specific foods. One cannot get their ears wet in the bathtub. Our children needed help all day, every day.

And they were so very different to each other. What worked for one child did not work for another. An activity that may calm one child will upset another. Of course, when one screams it may cause a chain reaction amongst the siblings and soon there would be three screaming children.

Gone was the dream of the perfect neurotypical young family. I spent my time ferrying children from early intervention to early intervention, researching autism parenting, calming children, doing housework when I can, and relishing those precious fleeting moments when all three children are happy.

I’ve gone to great lengths to find the tools I need to survive my life as an autism mum. Eventually I designed my own tools.

These tools have helped my children so much. Getting them to do everyday activities is easier. Getting them to stop everyday activities is easier. They are happier and more prepared for the day.

My tools and ideas have interested our therapists over the years. They have told me time and time again to produce these tools for other parents.

So I did, and Happy Hubble was born.

I am not a therapist, but I know what worked for our kids. I will not pretend to know how to help all autistic kids and every child is different but I’m happy to offer my assistance and advice from personal experience. I strongly recommend too that you talk to your own therapists about strategies and tools that relate directly to your child. Our own therapists are working on different goals, sometimes for an individual child and sometimes for all of them together.

Saying that, we have a large range of challenges amongst our children. Read my blog to find out what challenges we have faced and how I learnt to deal with them.

This is a life that found me. I was certainly not looking for it and it has changed me forever. I live and breathe the needs of our children. I’ve learnt how to look after them and to also look after myself.

Hopefully my knowledge, tools and strategies will assist you too, I'm here to help.


Take Care,

Simone Hubble


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