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Social Play Toys

The social play toys encourage the child to play together with their peers, they can race cars, throw the expand a ball to each other, show each other their funny “spy eyes”.

These toys will possibly bring out the “look at me!” “look what I can do!” “look what I made!”

Encouraging social play and developing social skills are very important. We all want to have friends, but learning the skills to build those friendships may take not come naturally.

Look for a social skills group in your area if you’re looking at developing those skills.

Colorful Ball Soft Plastic Ocean
Ocean Ball,Colorful Ball Fun Ball Kids
local_offer Save $5.97

Pop Balls 5.5cm

$11.88  $17.85

monkey noodle fidget
stress fidget string
watch_later Sold Out

Stroodle™ - Stretchy Noodle Fidget Toy

$13.88  $14.85

Unique and colorful spheres
Multi Colors Plastic Expanding Magic Ball
local_offer Save $10.00

Expand a ball

$14.95  $24.95

Super Play Sand for fun
Super soft, beautiful sand - blue/green
local_offer Save $13.06

Super Play Sand

$10.70  $11.90

Original Stationery Galaxy Slime Kit
Galaxy Of Slime Sensory Toy 2 pack
local_offer Save $1.32

Galaxy Of Slime Sensory Toy

$11.18  $12.50

balloon helicopter for kid
simple balloon rocket
watch_later Sold Out

Balloon Helicopter

$14.30  $19.90

water beads orbeez
sensory water beads

Orbeezs Magic Water Beads


pop up balls
pop a ball pop
watch_later Sold Out

Pop Up Balls 4.5cm

$11.88  $20.94

a close up of four different colored kites
The Fastest, Longest-flying Planes

Paper Plane Kit


Whoopee Putty Kids Toilet Noise Putty Fart Joke Prank
 Toilet Noise Whoopee Putty for fun
local_offer Save $3.00

Whoopee Putty

$9.95  $12.95

Scratch Paper Kit
local_offer Save $3.00

Scratch Paper Kit

$13.95  $16.95

dinosaur dig kit
dino fossil kit

Dinosaur Dig Kit


a close up of a red and white motorcycle
a green and black motorcycle parked on a street
watch_later Sold Out

Friction Quad Bike


Friction Stunt Car
Friction Flip Stunt Toy Cars
local_offer Save $3.00

Friction Stunt Car

$9.95  $12.95


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