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Sensory Toys Squishy, Slimy and Stretchy

Our sensory toys are perfect for getting your child's creative imagination going. Toys that are squishy, slimy, and stretchy provide hours of enjoyment while at the same time, serving an educational purpose.

Many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience problems processing sensory input and sensory toys have the potential to be amazing because they do two things. First, they stimulate a child's senses. That stimulation all goes on inside the brain and is closely related to tons of other skills that your child needs to grow into a fully functional adult.

Our sensory toys meet the needs of children with a range of difficulties and encourage their personal development in a fun and entertaining way.

Smiley Stress Ball for autism kids
heavy work for hands
local_offer Save $7.20

Smiley Stress Ball 2 Pack

$10.70  $17.90

Shark My Phone Water Game


Sensory Start Up Kit boys
Boys routine task cards
local_offer Save $39.95

Sensory Start Up Pack

$240.00  $279.95

wilbarger therapressure brush australia
brushing therapy for adhd
watch_later Sold Out

Sensory brush

$24.95  $29.95

Sensory Balloons kid
Sensory Balloons For Kids Tactile Sensory Play
local_offer Save $8.97

Sensory Balloons

$11.88  $20.85

Scratch Paper Kit
local_offer Save $3.00

Scratch Paper Kit

$13.95  $16.95

stretchy caterpillar sensory toy
soft caterpillar

Puffer Squishy Caterpillar Toy


Plush Dragon Toy kid
Stuffed Animal Plush Toy for Children
local_offer Save $7.00

Plush Dragon Toy

$14.95  $21.95

cuddly Dinosaur Plush toys
lovely soft comfort toys

Plush Dinosaur Toys


Pinart has been a very successful distraction for all our children
Unique Plastic Pin Art Board for Kids
local_offer Save $1.00

Plastic Pin Art

$21.95  $22.95

a close up of four different colored kites
The Fastest, Longest-flying Planes

Paper Plane Kit


Mouldable Stress Ball


Cooling Fan, Kids Children Hand Press Manual
Manual Portable Fan 2 pack
local_offer Save $7.20

Manual Friction Fan

$10.70  $17.90

Lunar Night Light


LED Smile Emoji Night Switch
Night Light Switch
local_offer Save $0.46

LED Emoji Night Switch

$14.49  $14.95

Heros of Goo Jit Zu Buzz Light Year Alpha Buzz 1.5kg



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