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Sensory Toys Squishy, Slimy and Stretchy

Our sensory toys are perfect for getting your child's creative imagination going. Toys that are squishy, slimy, and stretchy provide hours of enjoyment while at the same time, serving an educational purpose.

Many children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience problems processing sensory input and sensory toys have the potential to be amazing because they do two things. First, they stimulate a child's senses. That stimulation all goes on inside the brain and is closely related to tons of other skills that your child needs to grow into a fully functional adult.

Our sensory toys meet the needs of children with a range of difficulties and encourage their personal development in a fun and entertaining way.

 Wooden Locked Sticks Puzzle
fine motor strengthening
local_offer Save $4.50

Wooden Puzzle Stick

$8.95  $13.45

Whoopee Putty Kids Toilet Noise Putty Fart Joke Prank
 Toilet Noise Whoopee Putty for fun
local_offer Save $3.00

Whoopee Putty

$9.95  $12.95

Water Splatter Dinosaur for kid
Water Splatter Dinosaur
local_offer Save $4.42

Water Splatter Dinosaur

$13.48  $17.90

Water Orbs Dinosaur Head 2pack
Squishy Water Orbs Dinosaur Head
local_offer Save $9.59

Water Orbs Dinosaur Head

$14.31  $23.90

Squishy Water Orbs Ball for kids and autism
Colourful Squishy Water Orbs Ball

Two Tone Squishy Water Orbs Ball


Super Play Sand for fun
Super soft, beautiful sand - blue/green
local_offer Save $13.06

Super Play Sand

$10.70  $11.90

mini stretchy fidget toys
Stretchy mini alien figurines
local_offer Save $4.00

Stretchy Mini Sticky Figures Pack of 6

$9.95  $13.95

Stretchy Cheese and Mice for kids
Stretchy Cheese and Mice package
local_offer Save $11.00

Stretchy Cheese and Mice

$12.95  $23.95

autism fidget toys
squishy water orbs narwhal australia
local_offer Save $1.01

Squishy Water Orbs Narwhal

$14.95  $15.96

water orb carrots 2 pack
water orbs autism
watch_later Sold Out

Squishy Water Orbs Carrot

$12.95  $23.90

squishy sticky water orb ball
Blue water orb ball
local_offer Save $7.90

Squishy Water Orbs Ball Small 5.3cm

$12.95  $20.85

assorted colour water orb balls
squeezing water orb ball
local_offer Save $1.83

Squishy Water Orbs Ball Large 6.5cm

$17.91  $19.74

squishy sensory banana toys
squishy toys australia

Squishy Sensory Water Orbs Banana


The Icky Sticky Squishy Orbs Ball
Squishy Orbs Brain Mesh Ball
local_offer Save $1.00

Squishy Orbs Brain Ball

$9.95  $10.95

squishy grab pack 1 for autism spectrum disorder
Squishy slimy toys pack 2
watch_later Sold Out

Squishy Grab Pack

$27.00  $33.85

Stretchy Banana Sensory Toy
Squeeze Fidget Toy for Kids and Adults
local_offer Save $1.00

Squeeze Banana

$14.95  $15.95


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