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We are always on the lookout for sensory and fidget products that are trending and new. Our products are suitable for special needs children by helping stimulate their senses of sight and touch.

All our products come gift-wrapped

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All Rounder Spinning Fidget Toy

$17.99  $22.00

local_offer Save $5.30

Push Pop Game Controller Fidget Toy

$13.95  $19.25

strtchy chicken fling
stretchy flying chicken slingshot
watch_later Sold Out

Chicken Flingers 2 PK


whoopee cushion
whoopee cushion near me
local_offer Save $0.08

Whoopee Cushion

$10.72  $10.80

sticker books
solar system sticker book

Mini Sticker Books


goo jit zu characters stretchy toy
heroes of goo jit zu
watch_later Sold Out

Heroes of Goo Jit Zu Mini Versus Packs


natural history dinosaur torch
dinosaur flashlight that roars
watch_later Sold Out

Projector Torch Dinosaur

$13.95  $19.45

Wildlife projector torch
Wildlife projector torch
local_offer Save $5.50

Projector Torch Animal

$13.95  $19.45

Sea Creatures Projector
Sea Creatures Torch
local_offer Save $5.50

Projector Torch Sea Life

$13.95  $19.45

dinosaur dig kit
dino fossil kit

Dinosaur Dig Kit


mood octopus
reversible octopus plush
watch_later Sold Out

Reversible Octopus Plush

$9.95  $14.95

mochi fidget toy
fidget toys mochi squishy

Mochi's PK 10


wacky tracks fidget toy australia
fidget kit
watch_later Sold Out

Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toy


Easter egg putty packs
hand therapy putty 3 pack
local_offer Save $2.37

Easter Egg Putty

$9.48  $11.85


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Free Shipping

On All Orders Over $80