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Fun Toys

I like to think that everything we sell is fun! Our kids are busy “playing” but also, they are self regulating, learning independence, learning how to be patient and learning about themselves.

The great thing about these fun toys is you can use them as gifts and they won’t think they’re given a therapeutic product. Some of our products encourage social play, creativity, the kids are happily chipping away at a dinosaur fossil without realising that they’re strengthening their hands!!

Or blowing a small ball in the air through a pipe, and strengthening their oral motor! Wonderful, and fun!

simple dimple fidget toy Australia
simple dimple fidget
local_offer Save $4.35

Dimple Mate Simple Fidget Fun

$15.60 $19.95

squishy sticky water orb ball
Blue water orb ball
local_offer Save $1.00

Squishy Water Orbs Ball Small 5.3cm

$5.95 $6.95

monkey noodle fidget toy
Stretchy String Fidget Noodle
local_offer Save $2.97
3 Pack $3.96 each (random colours)
4 Pack $3.47 each (random colours)
5 Pack $2.97 each (random colours)

Stroodle™ - Stretchy Noodle Fidget Toy

$11.88 $14.85

Colorful Ball Soft Plastic Ocean
Ocean Ball,Colorful Ball Fun Ball Kids
local_offer Save $1.00

Pop Balls 5.5cm

$4.95 $5.95

Fidget Pad Fidget Toy Stress Relief
fidget pad toy
local_offer Save $5.50

Fidget Pad

$11.95 $17.45

water snake toy
water wigglies blue
watch_later Sold Out

Water Wiggler Snake Sensory Toy

$11.88 $14.85

pop it fidget toy australia
push pop bubble Australia
local_offer Save $5.30

Push Pop Bubble Fidget Toy

$13.95 $19.25

Squishy Water Orbs Ball for kids and adults
Colourful Squishy Water Orbs Ball
local_offer Save $4.00

Squishy Water Orbs Ball

$4.95 $8.95

sensory sock autism
Happy Hubble body socks

Sensory Body Sock For Boys And Girls


mini stretchy fidget toys
Stretchy mini alien figurines
local_offer Save $4.00

Stretchy Mini Sticky Figures Pack of 6

$9.95 $13.95

Stress Ball Hand Therapy Gel Squeeze Ball
Stress Relief Fidget Balls for Kids/Adults
watch_later Sold Out

Squeeze Ball

$10.95 $13.95

friendship Fidget Zipper Bracelet
fidget zipper toys
local_offer Save $1.00

Zipper Fidget Bracelet

$9.95 $10.95

assorted colour water orb balls
squeezing water orb ball
local_offer Save $1.92

Squishy Water Orbs Ball Large 6.5cm

$7.95 $9.87

Fierce Flying Glider 2 pack
gliders for kids
local_offer Save $1.60
Glider 2 packs $7.15 each - random colours
Glider 3 packs $6.36 each - random colours
Glider 4 packs $5.57 each - random colours

Fierce Flying Glider 2 Pack

$14.30 $15.90

Pinart has been a very successful distraction for all our children
Unique Plastic Pin Art Board for Kids
local_offer Save $8.00

Plastic Pin Art

$14.95 $22.95

Super Play Sand for fun
Super soft, beautiful sand - blue/green
local_offer Save $2.00

Super Play Sand

$5.95 $7.95


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