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Fidget Packs

Playing fidget toys is fun to keep your brain focused and your hands busy. We have a great selection of different fidget packs that are currently popular decompression toys. You can experience the fun of multiple games at once.

sensory kit
sensory play kit

Teachers EA Pack


water snake fidget toy
fidget toys for autism spectrum disorder
local_offer Save $36.32

Fidget Grab Pack

$53.95  $67.40

fidget starter kit
dinosaur balloon ball
local_offer Save $37.01

Fidget Starter Pack

$95.99  $133.00

calm down kits basic pack
calm down kits essentials pack

Calm Down Pack


Sensory and Fidget Pack
local_offer Save $42.00

Stay At Home Pack

$99.00  $141.00

Jurassic Dinosaur Play sand and Slime Kit Project
Play sand Sensory Toy

Dinosaur Fidget Pack


Sensory Start Up Kit boys
Boys routine task cards
local_offer Save $39.95

Sensory Start Up Pack

$240.00  $279.95

pink fidget pack
laser and mini sticker pack
watch_later Sold Out

Pink Fidget Pack

$69.95  $85.00

Easter fidget pack
fidget zipper and wooden snake

Easter Egg Fidget Packs


The basic skills development board
skills development board
local_offer Save $16.05

Learn Relearn Pack

$89.95  $106.00


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On All Orders Over $80