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Encouraging Independence

Our main goal to strive towards, is to teach our kids how to be independent. Its been on the top of our wish list that’s for sure! I can only imagine how amazing it would be if they didn’t rely on us for everything!

To help this goal become a reality, we have our trusty timer, and some incredible visual aides designed by happy hubble. This collection is still growing, so brace for more!

timer for kids
visual timer for kids

Happy Hubble Reward Timer Clock


dinosaur training chopsticks
a child using chopsticks
local_offer Save $9.90

Dino Chopsticks

$19.94 $29.84

zoo chopsticks for kids
zoo chop sticks for fun
local_offer Save $9.90

Zoo Chop Sticks

$19.94 $29.84

DIY Reward Cards for Kids
kids reward card

Reward Cards


Visual Starter kit
Visual Starter Kit - visual reward cards
local_offer Save $31.81

Visual Starter Kit

$124.95 $156.76


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