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Daily Living Collection

Let’s do everything we can to improve daily living, these tools are designed to immediately help our kids in their lives. So, one day, they can gain the skills for themselves.

The Happy Hubble Collection is based mainly on morning and afternoon routines, around the dinner table, homework time, assisting in taking turns with siblings. Also earning rewards and redeeming them back on an activity of their choice, and just as important, keeping things running on time. Using visuals designed just for this purpose.

monkey noodle fidget
stress fidget string
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Monkey Noodle 3PK

$13.88  $14.85

Fierce Flying Glider 2 pack
gliders for kids
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Fierce Flying Glider 2 Pack

$14.30  $15.90

water beads orbeez
sensory water beads

Orbeezs Magic Water Beads


Happy Hubble routine cards
daily routine cards for  boys
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Happy Hubble Routine Card

$85.00  $99.95

Child reward system ideas
Reward Cards Timer System For Kids - Happy Hubble

Reward Cards Timer System For Kids


DIY Reward Cards for Kids
kids reward card
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Reward Cards

$1.95  $2.95

Dinosaur Dragon Plane
Green Dinosaur Dragon Plane
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Dinosaur Dragon Plane

$14.99  $22.35

dinosaur training chopsticks
a child using chopsticks
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Dino Chopsticks

$19.94  $29.84

Happy Not Happy Cards for autism
Happy Not Happy Cards

Happy Not Happy Cards


flashlight projector for kids
Flashlight toy stories
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Projector Torch Outer Space

$13.95  $19.45

calm down kits basic pack
calm down kits essentials pack

Calm Down Pack


autism awareness bracelet for kids
autism bracelet id white
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Autism Awareness Bracelet

$11.95  $13.95

wilbarger therapressure brush australia
brushing therapy for adhd
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Sensory brush

$24.95  $29.95

Wildlife projector torch
Wildlife projector torch
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Projector Torch Animal

$13.95  $19.45

Sea Creatures Projector
Sea Creatures Torch
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Projector Torch Sea Life

$13.95  $19.45


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