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toilet slime noisey goo
whooppee putty
toilet fart putty
pink whooppee putty
orange  whooppee putty
yellow  whooppee putty
blue  whooppee putty
eggplant  whooppee putty
 whooppee putty pink
Whoopee Putty
green whoopee slime

Whoopee Putty

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Grab your Discounted Fart Whoopee Putty while the supplies last!

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This hilariously gross putty covers all bases when it comes to toilet humor. It feels revolting, makes disgusting farting noises, and even lives in a toilet seat.

Squeeze your fingers into the wet putty to let off a cheeky noise.

The sound it makes is loud and obnoxious. Brilliant for any little comedian or class clown!

Hubble Help:

The kids all love this because it makes a "fart" sound, and what's better than that? It has a relaxing, squelchy feeling between your fingers; you can hold it, squeeze it, put it into the "loo," and push until it "farts... 

In our house, that sound that you hear always follows by laughter. The whoopee putty is a distraction tool, sensory, tactile, great for auditory senses, fine motor planning, and most important, it's fun.


Comes in 5 different colours:

Yellow, Pink, Green, Orange, Egg Plant, Blue

Choose the colour of your toilet, and you will find the same coloured putty inside.

Product size: 7 x 6.5 x 10 cm

Packing: Each piece (toilet seat) has 90 gms of the putty inside.

Recommended Ages: 3 years +

WARNING: Choking Hazard. Small Parts