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Chewing is a natural behavior for kids. But when it comes to autistic children, chewing can be an issue. They may chew on their clothes, toys, and even themselves. It's essential to find ways to help them cope with this need, so they don't harm themselves or others around them.

Happy Hubble offers a range of sensory chews that are safe for your child to use as well as fun! Our products have food-grade silicone that is BPA-free and non-toxic, so you know your child will be safe while using our product! 

We offer different shapes in our line of chews, including robots, feathers, dinosaurs, and more! You can choose the color you want too! These sensory chews are perfect for children who have autism or other special needs children because they provide comfort through oral stimulation, which helps calm anxious feelings during difficult situations such as doctor visits or school events!

They also help reduce stress by providing tactile input, which calms the nervous system by stimulating pressure points in the mouth area, releasing endorphins into the body, and making your child feel happy again after experiencing anxiety due to their condition!

Finally,, these sensory chews help improve focus by keeping hands busy instead of fidgeting with items around them like pens and pencils at school or home office supplies while working on homework assignments at home.

The possibilities are endless with Happy Hubble's sensory chews!!

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therapy  butterfly chew necklace
chewy necklace special needs
watch_later Sold Out

Chewy Butterfly Necklace


tube sensory chewing necklace
autism chew toys necklace

Chewy Necklace Tube


pencil toppers
chewy pencil topper

Chewy Pencil Toppers


dinosaur chewy necklace
chewable for kids
watch_later Sold Out

Chewy Dinosaur Necklace


feather chewy neclace
chewy chews sensory

Chewy Feather Necklace


therapy chew necklace
girl with mermaid chewy

Chewy Necklace Mermaid


Chewy Dumbell Teether

Chewy Necklace Dumb Bell


hexagon chewy necklace
chewy necklace special needs
watch_later Sold Out

Chewy Hexagon Necklace


chewy tube necklace
chewy tubes for sensory disorder

GrabIt Chewy Tubes


chewy red and blue tooth autism
chewy necklace special needs

Chewy Necklace Tooth



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On All Orders Over $80