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Calm Down Kits

The idea of a calm down kit is that you can take these anywhere, to a scary dentist visit, a noisy shopping centre, a long car ride or on Christmas day. They're small, light and portable.

It’s ideal to have different calm down kits for different places, eg, 1 in the car, and 1 in the school bag. Plus, its wise to mix them up a bit, keeping it fresh and exciting, but remember to keep some comforting “favourites” in there always.

Whenever there’s too much overload and stress, the calm down kit is always at hand.

water orb carrots 2 pack
water orbs autism
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Squishy Water Orbs Carrot 2pack

$12.95  $23.90

luminous dinosaur stickers
glow in the dark dinosaur stickers
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Glow In The Dark Dinosaurs and Stars 2 Pack

$14.31  $15.90

fidget starter kit
dinosaur balloon ball
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Fidget Starter Pack

$95.99  $133.00

pink fidget pack
laser and mini sticker pack
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Pink Fidget Pack

$69.95  $85.00


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