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Calm Down Kits

The idea of a calm down kit is that you can take these anywhere, to a scary dentist visit, a noisy shopping centre, a long car ride or on Christmas day. They're small, light and portable.

It’s ideal to have different calm down kits for different places, eg, 1 in the car, and 1 in the school bag. Plus, its wise to mix them up a bit, keeping it fresh and exciting, but remember to keep some comforting “favourites” in there always.

Whenever there’s too much overload and stress, the calm down kit is always at hand.

squishy sticky water orb ball
Blue water orb ball
local_offer Save $7.90

Squishy Water Orbs Ball Small 5.3cm

$12.95  $20.85

Colorful Ball Soft Plastic Ocean
Ocean Ball,Colorful Ball Fun Ball Kids
local_offer Save $5.97

Pop Balls 5.5cm

$11.88  $17.85

mini stretchy fidget toys
Stretchy mini alien figurines
local_offer Save $4.00

Stretchy Mini Sticky Figures Pack of 6

$9.95  $13.95

Squishy Water Orbs Ball for kids and autism
Colourful Squishy Water Orbs Ball

Squishy Water Orbs Ball


Stress Ball Hand Therapy Gel Squeeze Ball
Stress Relief Fidget Balls for Kids/Adults
watch_later Sold Out

Squeeze Ball

$11.49  $13.95

assorted colour water orb balls
squeezing water orb ball
local_offer Save $1.83

Squishy Water Orbs Ball Large 6.5cm

$17.91  $19.74

beautiful and relaxing fidget
Magic Cube Snake 24 variety
local_offer Save $3.00

Magic Cube Snake

$9.95  $12.95

Stretchy Cheese and Mice for kids
Stretchy Cheese and Mice package
local_offer Save $11.00

Stretchy Cheese and Mice

$12.95  $23.95

The Icky Sticky Squishy Orbs Ball
Squishy Orbs Brain Mesh Ball
watch_later Sold Out

Squishy Orbs Brain Ball

$9.95  $10.95

a close up of a cake shaped like a cat
a boy in a blue shirt is holding a frisbee
local_offer Save $4.00

Dinosaur Balloon Ball

$9.95  $13.95

Stretchy Banana Sensory Toy
Squeeze Fidget Toy for Kids and Adults
local_offer Save $1.00

Squeeze Banana

$14.95  $15.95

pop up balls
pop a ball pop
watch_later Sold Out

Pop Up Balls 4.5cm

$11.88  $20.94

Smiley Stress Ball for autism kids
heavy work for hands
local_offer Save $7.20

Smiley Stress Ball

$10.70  $17.90

 Wooden Locked Sticks Puzzle
fine motor strengthening
local_offer Save $4.50

Wooden Puzzle Stick

$8.95  $13.45

Sensory Balloons kid
Sensory Balloons For Kids Tactile Sensory Play
local_offer Save $8.97

Sensory Balloons

$11.88  $20.85

Bendable Smiley Man key chain
multicolor Smiley Man key ring
local_offer Save $7.40

Bendable Smiley Man

$12.50  $19.90


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