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Bulk Prices

Bulk Prices on All Fidget and Sensory Toys Now Available to Save You More.

In order to give the best value for money, we are introducing bulk pricing across our range for all products. To simplify this even further all bulk packets have assorted colours.

We are happy to supply specific colours if requested depending on availability. 

If you don't see a bulk price on a particular product please send us a request to

If you want specific colours please request them at the checkout or email us.


glider plane 3 Pack
Fly Back Glider Plane - Green
watch_later Sold Out

Fly Back Glider Plane

$9.48  $11.85

Bendable Smiley Man key chain
multicolor Smiley Man key ring
local_offer Save $7.40

Small Bendable Smiley Man 2 Pack

$12.50  $19.90

Finger Eye Puppets
colorful googly eyeballs
local_offer Save $1.38

Finger Spies 2 Pack

$12.52  $13.90

fantastic tool for sensory play
Little Lab Creations Sensory Silly Magnetic Putty

Funny Sensory Lab Slime 2 Pack


autism awareness bracelet for kids
autism bracelet id white
local_offer Save $2.00

Autism Awareness Bracelet

$11.95  $13.95

Growing Dinosaur Egg
Surprise Growing Dinosaur Hatch Egg
local_offer Save $1.39

Growing Dinosaur Egg

$12.51  $13.90

luminous dinosaur stickers
glow in the dark dinosaur stickers
watch_later Sold Out

Glow In The Dark Dinosaurs and Stars 2 Pack

$14.31  $15.90

Fluffy Ball Snap Band 2 pack
6 Colored Slap Bands
local_offer Save $1.40

Fluffy Ball Snap Band 2PK

$12.50  $13.90

sky high bouncing putty
magical bouncing putty
local_offer Save $1.20

Bouncing Putty Two Tone 2 Pack

$10.78  $11.98

Basic Skills Board for kids
Basic Skills Board learning tie the shoe
local_offer Save $7.70

Basic Skills Board Developmental Board

$44.95  $52.65

Emoji Magnetic Torch Fridge Magnet
Magnetic Smiley Face Emoji
local_offer Save $5.00

Emoji Magnetic Torch

$9.95  $14.95

Kids Dinosaur Toy
Jurassic World Toys, Dinosaur Figures & Gift Sets
local_offer Save $4.94

Dinosaur Figures

$14.31  $19.25

Easter egg putty packs
hand therapy putty 3 pack
local_offer Save $2.37

Easter Egg Putty

$9.48  $11.85

realistic lizard toy
lizard toys
local_offer Save $1.19

Realistic Lizards and Reptile Toys

$10.71  $11.90


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Free Shipping

On All Orders Over $80