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Bulk Prices

Bulk Prices on All Fidget and Sensory Toys Now Available to Save You More.

In order to give the best value for money, we are introducing bulk pricing across our range for all products. To simplify this even further all bulk packets have assorted colours.

We are happy to supply specific colours if requested depending on availability. 

If you don't see a bulk price on a particular product please send us a request to

If you want specific colours please request them at the checkout or email us.


timer for kids
visual timer for kids

Happy Hubble Reward Timer Clock


local_offer Save $1.91

Colour Changing Stress Ball

$11.95  $13.86

water snake toy
water snakes toy therapy
local_offer Save $3.00

Water Wiggler Snake Sensory Toy

$18.95  $21.95

friendship Fidget Zipper Bracelet
fidget zipper toys
local_offer Save $0.90

Zipper Fidget Bracelet

$13.95  $14.85

Fierce Flying Glider 2 pack
gliders for kids
local_offer Save $1.60

Fierce Flying Glider 2 Pack

$14.30  $15.90

squishy sensory banana toys
squishy toys australia

Squishy Sensory Water Orbs Banana


Sensory Heavy Chewing Necklace Bulk Sales - Happy Hubble
Dinosaur head chewy necklace
local_offer Save $2.00

Sensory Heavy Chewing Necklace Bulk Sales

$17.90  $19.00

marble mesh Australia
Mesh and marble fidget
local_offer Save $0.55

Marble Fidget Soxx™

$9.95  $10.50

pea pod fidget toy Australia
squeeze bean
local_offer Save $2.22

Pea Pod Fidget Toy

$11.68  $13.90

light to medium chewy necklace
child chew necklace
local_offer Save $2.79

Sensory Chew Necklace For Light Chewers - Bulk Sales

$25.11  $27.90

popping tube fidget 3 pack
assorted pull and pop tubes
local_offer Save $4.55

Extendable Popping Noise Tubes

$14.95  $19.50

Original Stationery Galaxy Slime Kit
Galaxy Of Slime Sensory Toy 2 pack
local_offer Save $1.32

Galaxy Of Slime Sensory Toy

$11.18  $12.50

colourful stress ball
sticky globbles
local_offer Save $7.80

Globbles Sticky Fidget Wall Ball - 4 Pack

$24.95  $32.75

wacky tracks fidget toy australia
fidget kit

Wacky Tracks Snap and Click Fidget Toy



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