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The best job I've ever had!

sensory sack

I wanted to say how proud I am of our growing store, which wouldn’t be here without the fantastic support I’m getting from family and friends and of course all my growing list of clients and followers.

This has gone from being just a dream, that seemed an impossible task, to being a functional business, and getting our name out there. I wanted to do this so badly, I wanted to share the ideas that help us and our kids. This is definitely the best job I’ve ever had, I love that I can share this with the kids, they love that we have a toy shop. They know all the products, and visual tools because they are a part of the design process, We have built the store around what helps our kids.

I am not a therapist and I never claim to be one, but I can say, as a mother of three kids with autism, I know what works for our kids. These products wouldn’t be designed or chosen unless they work for our kids. All three of our kids are very very different, and just because I have three kids with autism doesn’t mean it’s the same technique for all three. The techniques are completely different from each other. We had to relearn “autism parenting” with each newly diagnosed child. Learning new strategies for each child, and then trying to implement that into the already chaotic household.

Also, what calms one child down, may cause another child to have a meltdown.
So with lots of information and strategies under my belt, I can share this with others.

I love sending and receiving messages from clients about a new product or a query, I love putting together new books or visuals, A perfect autism social story. I’m always so proud and excited when I see things coming together nicely.

I love wrapping up orders for sending, I am a florist by trade so I love making everything look nice on its way out!

I love that I can put together the perfect gift for a child with autism, already wrapped up! I have toys for autistic kids, these really are just lots of fun for our kids, from our pin art, to pop balls, to squishy dinosaurs and our happy sack, which is our body sensory sock. We have everything!!

Thanks again for all your support, we wouldn’t be here without you.



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Free Shipping

On All Orders Over $80